Super zeroes scratch card

Super Zeroes Scratch Card

Bringing a bumbling band of do gooders with a dollop of humour to the online scratch card platform. There are plenty of fun games online to play and bet on but in terms of raw visceral excitement there are few that best the scratching of a winning card. Especially when those cards depict ridiculous super heroes and can win players up to 10000 times bet. Not a bad offering online scratch and win game like super zeroes scratch card. So, in a super hero fashion, we must now delve into the backstory.

The super zeroes in the game

Games like this get really fun when players engross themselves in the art and theme of the game. With super zeroes scratch card it is almost too easy to fall in love with the different zeroes and even hope for less profitable but more comedic sets to appear. Even though it is inevitable that players will learn the inner workings of each symbol in the game extensively as the rewards potential is realised but here is just a few to get started. Firstly this game has nine panels to scratch off for wins, so players will have a good chance to see these winning zeroes on most turns. The most important of the super zero symbols is Magginetik which when three are matched on a card rewards the maximum 10 000 times bet, which with highest bet per card being $10 can return the gargantuan amount of $100 000. Other zeroes include the uncredible lump, powercell and bubblegum girl. A bumbling band of do gooders to say the least.

The finer betting details

Whilst bets can grow as high as $10 a scratch, super zeroes scratch card offers a wide range of betting diversity with as little as 50c a scratch as a viable choice. This allows every type of player to get in on the fun, be it for the thrill or the wins. Additionally the effects cards have when revealed is well visualized and winning icons are portrayed vividly when cinematic with victory. Sound effects, like the familiar scratch of the coin are not missed on this well designed game and players. All of which add to the winning experience of this beloved online scratch card game.

Additionally players will find that sites supporting this online game have reliable safety and a series of other customer care features. These include high levels of encryptions that preserve sensitive information and guarantee secured transactions. On top of this support staff will be on hand to offer advice and help as well as ensure the online games like super zeroes scratch card are always running smoothly and avoids crashing.

Overall players come to the fountain of super zeroes to enjoy a comical and relaxed online betting scratch card game. It makes the online search for decent betting games a simpler choice for players. So sit back, scratch away, fall in love with the symbols and otherwise start winning the massive prizes awaiting. Super zeroes scratch card game, a winning option for the more extravagant of online players.