Novelty wagers that won

Novelty Wagers That Won

Novelty bets are some of the most entertaining betting options around. Why? Because they take betting to a whole new level. Not only do bettors still have the chance to bet on their standard bets, such as standard sports bets, but they also get to place bets on a host of interesting and rather unusual factors, often not even related to the gaming, sports, or competition industries.

Some novelty bets are available through established betting sites, so bettors can engage in a thrilling game and gather the odds and successes of hundreds of other bettors placing their bets as well. However, many novelty bets are smaller bets made between friends or acquaintances and may include monetary or experiential rewards.

Here are some unique novelty wagers that are immensely popular across the world, as well as some insight into those novelty wagers from around the world that have actually won.

Christmas Time Bets

Christmas time bets are pretty popular novelty wagers, especially in the United States. Two of the most common novelty Christmas bets include betting on whether or not it will be snowing at Christmas time or on Christmas Day, and what the number one song will be on the charts over the Christmas period.

Popular Reality and Entertainment Shows

Betting on the winners of popular reality and entertainment television shows has become increasingly popular all over the world. Some of the shows commonly bet on include X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother, and Strictly Come Dancing. Here avid bettors would simply bet on who they believe will win the show in question.

The Political Sphere

Political elections have become just as much an entertainment spectacle as actual entertainment shows, and betting on who will win a political election has become increasingly popular.

Betting on Personalities

There are different types of novelty bets involved with personalities or celebrities. These types of bets include betting on the British Royal Family and what happens in their lives, as in, who will get married or divorced, who will have a baby, etc. Pope betting is also becoming more popular, and bettors will bet on what the Pope gets up to. Bettors can also bet on who they think will win the next Nobel Prize, as well as a host of other awards and nominations, such the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s, or the Oscars.

More Personal Novelty Bets

Novelty bets do not necessarily have to be handled by a betting site. Bettors can also make novelty bets with friends or the public in general, and here they have often paid off. A man named Erick Lindgren, for example, made a novelty bet with his friends that he would play four rounds of golf in the scorching Las Vegas heat in a row on one day, carrying all his own clubs and walking all four rounds, only making use of pro-level tees, and still managing to score under 100 in each of the four rounds he played. His bet ended up paying off and he walked away with $340 000.