Monkey Business

About Monkey Business

BetOnSoft is the developer behind the slot game Monkey Business. This is a 5 reel, 20 payline online casino slot that features some bonus content. The theme of Monkey Business is centred around a bunch of monkeys and gorillas that are running a business, and this can be seen through the various symbols in the game. Visually, players will see imagery that is made up of money, monkeys, and bananas, all within a business setting.

Monkey Business is featured in over 27 different online casino websites, all free to play. Players will receive a set amount of practice credits that can be used until fully depleted. Monkey Business can also be played for real money, where players are able to invest any amount of money they wish, so long as it is above the minimum required.

Monkey Business Gameplay

The base game of Monkey Business is easy to learn, and players both new and seasoned will be able to learn the rules quickly. Before any games are started, however, it is recommended that players use the paytable. The paytable displayers various information about the game, including the rules, the value of the different symbols, as well as the possible winning combinations. Players can also find information about the bonus content on the paytable screen.

Making bets can be done with the betting options, where players are able to increase or decrease their total bet. On top of this, the number of active paylines per round can be chosen. The more lines that are active, the higher the chance the player has of landing the right combinations in order to win. To start the game, there is both a manual spin button and an automatic autoplay button. Within the game, players will come across a special symbol known as the wild. The wild allows for the substitution of all other symbols in the game, meaning the wild can be used to complete combinations.

Monkey Business Bonus Features

Monkey Business comes with one main bonus feature, which is known as the Hunter Feature. This feature is activated when players land the Hunter symbol on reels 3, 4, and 5, starting from the left. When the required amount of Hunter symbols are landed, the player is automatically awarded 10 free spins, and the free spin bonus rounds begin. The free spins round will play automatically until the number of free spins available are depleted.

A jackpot is also featured in the game, and is activated whenever a special Monkey Multiplier symbol lands during the free spins bonus rounds. The multiplier is added to the jackpot, and is calculated by the number of Monkey Multiplier that land during free spins. It is possible to earn double, triple, or quadruple the jackpot, which is then added to the total winnings amount. While the Hunter Feature is the only bonus in the game, it can be activated enough to ensure the player receives multiple jackpots.

Monkey Business in Conclusion

Monkey Business is a traditional online slot in many regards, and players will enjoy the base game as it is. The bonus feature allows for that little extra to make the game more exciting.