Money Mad Martians

About Money Mad Martians Online Slots

Money Mad Martians is an online casino slot machine consisting of 5 reels and 10 paylines. The theme of the game is set in outer space, and many of the symbols have alien imagery. Money Mad Martians is available across three different platforms. The first and most utilised is on desktop computers, where the game has been optimized for the mouse. The game can also be found on tablets and mobile smart phones, which can be downloaded off of various app stores, depending on the device in question.

Barcrest is the company behind Money Mad Martians, which is centred in The United Kingdom. Along with the main gameplay, Money Mad Martians features bonus content that is able to be unlocked by the player. The game can be found for free, where it comes with a set amount of free credits for the player to use. The option to play the game for real money is also a possibility.

Playing Money Mad Martians

Money Mad Martians is set out like many other traditional slot games. Players are able to use the various options to choose how much they would like to bet, as well as an autoplay feature. On top of this, players can use the paytable screen to see information about the game. This can include the various combinations that can be landed, the rules of the game, and the value of the different symbols.

Playing the game itself is similar to any other traditional online video slot. The player makes the bet that suits them most, chooses whether to use the manual spin button or the autoplay, and begins playing the game. As the reels spins and come to a gradual stop, different symbols will land, and these can land in special combinations. The type of combination that is landed determines if and how much the player wins.

Money Mad Martians Bonuses

Money Mad Martians comes with some unique bonus content that makes the game stand out against other slot games of the same genre. The first is the shuffling reels feature. The reels at the end of every round will reshuffle at random. This gives players the chance to earn extra winnings if new combinations are landed during the shuffle. The next bonus available is a small mini game that initiates when 3 or more of the bonus symbols are landed across the reels. The player is then able to choose one of the symbols – rewarding the player with either a multiplier or cash prize.

The third and final bonus feature in Money Mad Martians is the Planet Bonus. This bonus includes special planet symbols and animations where the player is able to choose between different planets. The planets will spin and prizes will be given to the player depending on how the planets come to a stop. All bonus content in the game is free to access, and does not require any type of investment.

Money Mad Martians Verdict

This is an online slot that will appeal to those who enjoy other Barcrest games. The game comes with many bonus features, as well as a solid base game.